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“A team of people from across the drinks world, set up to support the industry”

Welcome to the House of Beers, a new team of people from across the drinks world set up to support the industry, helping to build great brands that deliver for you and your customers.

Made up of bar tenders, chefs, home brewers, beer sommeliers, and mixologists we have a unique and growing brand portfolio from Carlsberg and other leading independent brewers.

From the Brooklyn Brewery, to the world of Poretti, Mahou and Grimbergen, taking in the Backyard Brewery from Sweden, Bad Apple a crafted cider from Herefordshire and CELIA a gluten free range hailing from the Czech Republic.

Our aim is simple; to embed all our passion and knowledge into building your business in line with the consumer desire for craft, world and premium.




In the House of Beers we believe in growing brands the right way, and that means we want everyone who drinks the beers and ciders that we are priviliged to be looking after, to know and love them just as much as we do…

This is where our team of amazing customer managers and brand ambassadors come in; they are beer loving, proud, passionate, creative people who care about this great industry and the communities they live in and want to share their enthusiasm for beer with those around them. From the Brooklyn Brewery we have Rachael, Max and Chris;

so whether you want to know about the brewery’s history, its heritage, its incredible selection of beers or its values as a brand and how it loves to collaborate, these are the people who you want to meet up with. So from help with ranging, running events, training your teams, or anything else to do with beer just let us know…